Supporting Self Advocacy

Supporting others to feel safe and confident to advocate for themselves.

Self advocates feel safe and empowered to disclose their disability, as a way to share aspects of their life, access support, or to support others. Explore this resource as a first step to supporting clients to build self advocacy skills and becoming an ally to the disability community and ambassador for Inclusion.

What is Self -Advocacy:

Self-advocacy means that you are empowered to communicate without fear or shame about things that are important to your progress on your path.

A self-advocate knows that each person has the right and also the responsibility to participate fully in the family, community and society: To accept and be accepted for who they are and the gifts that they have, to give support to others when it is possible and to accept the support of others when it is needed. Click below to continue learning more about why supporting self-advocacy is important in the communities and how to become an ally, with the Info Sheet: Self Advocacy.


Focused on self discovery and advocating for what is needed: Attention Deficit Disorder.

Donna Larivière is Anishinabe from Abitibi, Timiscaming. Donna shares her story of discovering and managing her Attention deficits and the effects that she experiences in her life at home and work.  Donna shares the strategies and knowledge she has gained to avoid barriers and build her self advocacy.

Sharing stories: From self advocacy to inclusion for all.

Cathy Rice is from Kahnawake, she has a form of Muscular Dystrophy and shares her story of learning from her family and life experiences to become a strong self advocate. Cathy is also active in finding solutions and promoting inclusion for people with disabilities in the community.
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