Nisidotam: Defining Disability

Understanding disability is an evolving process, changing as the day to day lives of people and communities change or as access and quality of treatments or supports change. In the following section, read more for a full definition of disability as well as examples of barriers and facilitators shared by people from the communities.

Understanding Disability

Disability is a very broad term including an incredibly diverse group of people. People with disabilities, even when they share the same condition of difference, do not form a uniform group and may or may not have anything in common with other people who experience disability. 

Understanding Disability & Providing Support

As support professionals and allies, just knowing a person’s disability type cannot determine how to support, interact or treat that person. The only way to do this is to get to know what is needed and the best ways to provide support. This should be a journey we go on together, each identifying expectations and roles.

People can benefit from support, therapy and rehabilitation, but this also needs to go hand in hand with a focus on the environment. For full inclusion and participation in family, community and society, it is equally important to understand and be able to identify the barriers currently blocking access. Click below to continue learning with the Info Sheet: Nisidotam: Defining Disability. 

Featured: Disability Learning Video Module

The following whiteboard learning module is a summary of all the key components of an integrated definition of disability.  Augmented by traditional knowledge and set in a contemporary indigenous context, this learning module provides a relevant framework from which to build understanding.

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