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Explore our training tools, featuring representative scenarios from the communities they are developed to provide relevant disability content and interactive learning activities.

These unique tools were developed to respond to the need for training from a distance, at one’s own pace.  Support professionals can also use these tools, to open a dialogue, build awareness, and strengthen the movement toward Inclusion in the communities.

CONTENT WARNING: There is content in this tool that contains sensitive topics, it is possible that users may feel triggered. If this happens, please click at the bottom of the screen.

Virtual Life Learning Tool

The virtual life learning tool is a way for users to interact with many of the concepts that are crucial to building a holistic understanding of disability, such as environments, barriers and facilitators.  The content for this tool was taken from research on trauma, stress, risk and resilience. Examples of these themes were pulled out of the real life stories shared by people in the communities. Through the gain or loss of resilience, users will become familiar with the types of experiences that people with disabilities face. The tool is also designed to raise awareness about the cumulative effect of multiple negative experiences; traumas, stresses or barriers as well as the necessity of external support when too many risk factors accumulate.

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