New Clients and Disability

When meeting new clients, it can be difficult to know how to bring up possible disability status or discuss the types of needs a client may have. By considering the client’s right to privacy and disclosure, using a set introduction with all new clients, and the four possible ways that clients may respond, support professionals can increase their confidence to meet and work with clients who have disabilities.

Support Professionals: Supporting Clients with Disabilities

Learn more about how to support clients to feel empowered to talk about their disability and access necessary supports.

As support professionals it can feel overwhelming at times, to know how to provide the best support to clients. The following resources help support professionals respond with sensitivity and create partnerships to work together with clients and provide necessary knowledge about rights and responsibilities.

Learn more about how to create a space where new clients will have an opportunity to disclose a possible or already diagnosed disability and help build client’s confidence in order to advocate for themselves.

Client's Choice: Privacy vs Disclosure

Click for more about how to create a safe space for clients to share and discuss disability.


Using a Set Introduction

Click for more about the benefits of using this technique when beginning each new client/support professional relationship.

Learning Tools : New Clients

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