Disability and Employment

People with disabilities face a number of systemic barriers to employment. Read more for an introduction into the legal protections, employer’s obligations, and benefits of the Inclusive workplace.

Support Professionals: Supporting Clients with Disabilities

Learn more about how to support clients to access needed support or accommodation by feeling empowered  to talk about their disability with employers.

 As support professionals it can feel difficult to know how to approach potential employers about hiring people with disabilities. The following resources help support professionals to gain a grounded understanding of the possible pros and cons of disability disclosure in the workplace as well as suggest ways to work with clients to navigate this and be in control and make informed decisions.

Disability and the Workplace

Click for more about disability discrimination, accommodation and inclusion.

Talking to Employers

Click to for more about the common myths and misconceptions that can stop employers from considering hiring people with disability. 

Disclosure in the Workplace

Click for more about how to work together with clients to prepare them for disclosure. 

Disability and Employment

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