Supporting Clients

Learn more about how to support clients to feel empowered to talk about their disability and access necessary supports. The following sections open a dialogue about; creating a space where new clients will have an opportunity to disclose a possible or already diagnosed disability, building client’s confidence to advocate for themselves, and guiding client’s to access necessary support or accommodations in a workplace setting. 

Definitions and Key Concepts

Who are Support Professionals?

Support professionals could be any professional who works directly with clients including but not limited to: Employment and Training Counselors, Income Security Agents, Adult Education teachers and support staff.

Support Professionals as Partners

As support professionals it can feel overwhelming at times, to know how to provide the best support to clients. The following resources help support professionals respond with sensitivity and create partnerships to work together with clients and provide necessary knowledge about rights and responsibilities.

New Clients and Disability

Click for more about working with clients in way that promotes communication and partnership.

Disability and Employment

Learn more about the rights and responsibilities  that guide inclusion for people with disability in the workplace.

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Difference of Opinion

Emotionally Upsetting

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