Voices from the Communities

People from the communities offered to share their stories in the hopes of reaching out, so others will know they are not alone. Sharing experiences of challenges, barriers, success and support, their stories of resilience and strength offer validation and hope to others. Each person’s story highlights the prism of experiences that defines living with a disability today. The best experts are experiencing the phenomena of disability every day, they are the best teachers.


Sharing stories: From self advocacy to inclusion for all.

Cathy Rice is from Kahnawake, she has a form of Muscular Dystrophy and shares her story of learning from her family and life experiences to become a strong self advocate. Cathy is also active in finding solutions and promoting inclusion for people with disabilities in the community.

Invisible disability: Empowerment from different supports and the opportunity to help others through sharing.

Emmitt is from Khanawake, he shares his story of discovering, treating and managing Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. Emmitt uses an Integrated Model of disability and traditional knowledge to progress on his path. He identifies barriers and facilitators in his environment as well as the physical, emotional and spiritual implications of his condition of difference.

Connecting the dots between trauma and mental health, finding the building blocks for resilience

Amanda Shawayahamish is Anishinabe and currently a student in her final year of her undergrad degree in First People’s studies at Concordia University.  Amanda’s father and grandparents are residential school survivors. In this video, Amanda shares her journey of struggel and resilience.

An integrated perspective: Navigating life’s path with Schizoaffective disorder.

Adelia is a young woman from Sept Iles, she shares her story as a young adult living with Schizoaffective disorder. Adelia shares her knowledge and perspective on her disability. She explains the barriers and facilitators in her environment, as well as how learning and understanding her condition of difference, has helped her to live in balance. (The interview was conducted via zoom during Covid 19 lockdown.)

Focused on self discovery and advocating for what is needed: Attention Deficit Disorder.

Donna Larivière is Anishinabe from Abitibi, Timiscaming. Donna shares her story of discovering and managing her Attention deficits and the effects that she experiences in her life at home and work.  Donna shares the strategies and knowledge she has gained to avoid barriers and build her self advocacy.

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