Resilience: How it works

Read more about why it is so hard for some to have hope or the volition to keep trying and how to help.

Theories of Risk and Resilience provide insight into understanding why or how some people are far from the outcomes that they would choose for themselves.

Understanding Risk and Resilience

There are times in life, when too many risk factors with not enough protective factors prevent people from being able to be resilient. During these times, it may not be possible to be motivated, to overcome obstacles and move ahead.  Risk factors increase suffering and weaken a person’s sense of safety, making it difficult for the person to gain the motivation to act or to have hope that things will be able to improve or get better.  

At times like these, people need the opportunity to regain resilience. These opportunities can come from a person’s support network, support professionals, programs or institutions set up to help. In some cases, that could be through healing programs like therapy or treatment, in other cases, positive life experiences can build up and provide enough resilience to strengthen people to keep trying.  

Theories of Risk and Resilience

A resilient flower growing in concrete

The theory of Risk and Resilience provides understanding into why and how some people end up being so far from the outcomes that they would choose for themselves. This theory contributes to an emerging understanding of the complex ways that experiences can interact to increase positive or negative outcomes for all of us as we are living our lives. Read more to understand risk and resilience, including how risk factors can act as barriers, while protective factors can foster motivation and some of the most common examples of risk and protective factors shared with us by the people from the communities.

Experience the concept of Risk and Resilience through this interactive learning tool.

Virtual Life Learning Tool

The purpose of this tool is to increase awareness and understanding of the real-life stories and experiences of risk and resilience shared with us by people from the communities.

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