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Knowledge guides our Nations

Supporting Aboriginal women in their efforts to better their living conditions through the promotion of nonviolence, justice, equal rights and health.

Including people through employment, one person at a time!



The link between people with disabilities wishing to integrate into a work environment and organizations looking for motivated, efficient employees who are ready to use their skills.

  Professional Consultants


The Nisidotam Website


The Digital Simulation Training Tools

The Virtual Life Learning Tool

Thank you to Jonathan Roy-Noël for building the digital version of the Virtual Life Learning Tool.  Thank you to Jean Boissonneault and Karelle Leclerc for design and programming the Digital Simulation Training Tools. 


The Whiteboard Video Learning Module

Voices From the Community videos

Thank you to Philippe Sioui Durand, Marie-Philippe Gros-Louis, Olivier Bergeron, Audrey St-Arneauld, Annie Roux, Louis-Philippe Tremblay, Daniel Brière Julie Lebond, and Felix Aupalu.

 The 5 Digital Simulation Training Videos

Thank you to all the people who agreed to lend their voices to  bring to life the characters of the interactive simulation training:

Félix Aupalu (Inuit), Donna Larivière (Anishinabe), Nahka Bertrand (Déné), Alexandre Nequado (Attikamek), Kevin Papatie (Anishinabe), Alrica Phuga,Pierrette St-Onge (Innu), Emilio Wawatie (Anishinabe), and Illustrator for all of the videos: Raymon Caplin.

The Interactive Map

Rosen Nikolov and Mathieu Madison from Collège Rosemont.

The Skills Link Program

Thank you to the three participants from the program Skills Link who have shown leadership throughout this project : Iehente Cole Gabriel (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk), Emmitt Hamelin (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk), Tanya St-Onge (Innu).   


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