Community Collaborators

  The Interviews

Thank you to all the anonymous participants of the interviews conducted as part of the research in 2019. Your participation has contributed to improving knowledge on the realities and issues faced by First Nations with disabilities in Quebec.   

Training Tools and Video Learning Module

Thank you to all the people who shared their knowledge to inform the video learning module and virtual training tools: 

Donna Larivière (Anishinabe), Bernadette Ogushing (Anishinabe), and Gilbert Whiteduck (Anishinabe). From Connecting Horizons, Iris Philips (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk), Cathy Rice (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk) and Michael Dell (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk). All the Employment and Training Counselors who attended brainstorming and feedback meetings. 

  Voices from the Community

Thank you to all the people who agreed to do a filmed interview for the “Voices of the Communities 

Genevieve Collard (Innu), Lynn Delisle (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk), Eleanor Hoff (Abenakis), Vincent Jeannotte (Mi’kmaq), Adelia Lalancette (Innu), Donna Larivière (Attikamek)Claude Panadis (Abenakis)Cathy Rice (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk), Gilbert Whiteduck (Anishinabe), Iehente Cole Gabriel (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk), and Emmitt Hamelin (Kanienkeha’Ka/Mohawk). 

*Some videos are still in development.


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